Welcome to the new Trillek blog


I’m Wolfy87, I’m helping Trillek with the web side of things and I’ve just got this up and running. If you notice anything that’s gone a bit awry please let me know through Twitter or reddit. You could also email [email protected] – that gets forwarded onto me. It is mainly intended for serious press and business enquiries.

For those of you that have just discovered the project, you can learn more on the forum, /r/trillek or our various IRC channels over on freenode.

  • #trillek
  • #trillek-dev
  • #trillek-dcpu
  • #trillek-art
  • #trillek-writers
  • #trillek-sound
  • #trillek-blah

(These may well have changed since this post was made, there’s probably even more now!)

So, welcome aboard, help out where you can and try to enjoy yourselves.

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