Status update 8

It’s time for another seemingly randomly timed status update. There is a pattern, it’s just so complex nobody else can see it yet.

The biggest announcement is that we’re planning on releasing milestone 2 on or around Christmas, so there’s not too long to wait. Hopefully it will end up being an extra little present from the community.

User Interface

I’ve got the very first build of the UI out, it does almost nothing! I say almost, because this version actually includes the very first hooks into the underling game. This means we can start to integrate the little website that makes up our UI into the game as early as possible. Hopefully for MS2!

I’ve attached some screenshots of the extremely minimal interface below. This is as bare bones as it gets, but you can expect to see some more flashy and pretty looking features in the coming weeks (where I’m not constrained by work). There’s also a screenshot of gource, as you can see, there’s a lot more going on in the code than you can see right now.

You can download the current UI build and run it in your browser if you want. If you’re an aspiaring web developer you may want to check out how I’m building this. There’s no such thing as overengineering!

If there’s any web/UI/UX designers reading this too, I’d love to see your input. I can build a design, no problem, but I don’t trust my personal design skills. If anyone wants to jump in and mock up some type, colours and positions (as we did with the homepage) please do!

There’s also a wiki page about the UI now, so hopefully that’ll give you even more detail on how we’re doing this.


San Dingo and amplitudeproblem have been producing amazing music around Trillek for a while now. SD has recently released “Uncharted Space”, an ambient song with a lot of synth. It’s a joy to listen to, and I can’t wait to see all of this wonderful music on the SoundCloud group within the game.


Shane wrote a post on the forum that raises some interesting questions. He’s making the point that long cut scenes can ruin a game and maybe we should find a better way to engage with the player. I wholeheartedly agree, please feel free to add your views onto the thread too!

Shane’s also made a post detailing the overall state of the project at a high level. Basically, it’s looking very good.

CPU architecture

Zardoz84 has provided me and Shane with a little update on his CPU progress too, I’m paraphrasing here, but this is the gist of it: He’s now implementing the CPUs timer with a count instead of a time delta. I believe this means that we can actually control the clock speed.

The interrupt model has been changed to reflect the x86/Z80 using an interrupt vector table. This is referenced by the %ia register. He’s also done some cool experiments with rendering the CPU into a 3D environment. This 3D example makes use of GLSL shaders to make the display resemble an old CRT display. It looks wonderful.


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