Status Update 9

The mysterious status update returns!

So, during the meeting we decided on a plan to turn an engine into a well… game. We’ve decided to go onto the Game Tools route (think Creation Kit and Unity) work is planned to begin after milestone 5 (*release date censored*) and this will be a long process we’re not sure about releasing in progress builds at the moment, however the source code will be available to compile.  Overkill has begun to work on the Ship Editor component we’ll provide the link to the source code once he’s ready to show it off.

Details about the game tools will be released later once we have finalized more about it (spoiler: the plans can be found in the meeting.)

At the moment though, Milestone 2.5 is progressing nicely tanderegg1 made some changes to the flashlight shader,

flashlight preview
flashlight preview

Also, in case you have not seen the meeting yet you can find it here!

Secondly, for our polish friends. We discovered this Trillek fansite you can see here!, ok well it was made for 0x10c but it fits nicely!

And thirdly, remember to follow us on twitter at

And finally, this was a short update but we’re just gearing back into work mode so there wasn’t much to talk about apart from this exciting news!

Until next time,

Shane Dalton – Project Lead

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