Trillek needs your artistic skills!

Hey there! At the moment Trillek is looking for an artist or artists and animators, we need people to form an art team and decide on a final style of Trillek and then produce art based off that style (conceptual and in-game).


Experience with 3ds max or maya or Blender

Experience with Photoshop or GIMP

Experience with Animation of Humans and Animal-like creatures (only if you are an animator)

Experience with Zbrush or similar programs

Experience with creating environments of multiple kinds

Experience with creating Props/Brushes and Usable Items

Experience with Creating Character Meshes

Able to work in a team globally and keep active with other members and the community

Is a fan of the space genre

Is dedicated and open to criticism


Has worked on other games (Indie or AAA)

Has seen Firefly/Serenity

Of course programming is always open as well so feel free to talk to Adam about that!

This is an unpaid/volunteer position

Note, focusing on a specific area (i.e. Environmental Art) is ok however experience with all of them is even better!

If you’re interested please email with your portfolio!


  1. lebonid

    Why not go for the artist for 0x10c? I liked his style!

    1. Shane Dalton

      I believe he’s working at mojang at the moment, it’d be nice to have him though!

      1. lebonid

        It doesn’t seem like he does much there so I guess you could ask him?


    2. I just don't read it or find it interesting. I actually think it can be very well done though. I don't generally read Urban Fantasy either because I find the plots and characters mostly flat.However, the largest difference between UF and PNR is (usually) the level of eroticism (sex scenes) and a stronger commitment to happy endings (which is a huge romance trope).

  2. TSquar3d

    I’ve been working with blender for 3 years — working towards a PhD in CS. So– if you’re looking for someone… 🙂


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