The Future Of Trillek


Greetings all!

Sorry for the late announcement! But mistakes aside, I’d like to talk to you about the future of Trillek and it’s direction.

So, first off what have we been doing? Well the past few months have been focused on our in-house engine, Sigma. We have been releasing tech demos also known as the milestones, mainly to show off the progress we’ve made in that front. All fronts except for two, Art and Gameplay. Now that caused an issue in development, there was no common goal people were scattered. It was a huge issue, but I like to think we’re good at solving issues so we did solve it. Kinda. As of now, all future milestone development is canceled.

There. I said it, we’re moving on. We feel that Sigma is ready now to support a proper game and we’ve decided there is only one way to give this engine a proper test, which is if you’ve been following on making Trillek. Now, comes into the question of design. How are we doing that?

Well good question! I use the symphony analogy to explain this, each feature of element of a game is an instrument they provide a flow to the song and it all mixes together. Occasionally there is a strained note, but with fine tuning all the instruments work together in unison to create an amazing work of art. You may remember not too long ago Adam Martin our Lead Developer asked what you thought were the four top concepts in Trillek? We used this to create the Four Pillars of Trillek.

These four pillars will hold up the rest of Trillek and bring us into Production, they cannot be cut and they will stay the same. And they will be as close as we can get to pure perfection. We’ve currently got 3/4 pillars bolted down and more info will be given out in the meeting later today.

Now for the meantime each pillar will be separate we’ll release each pillar as individual pieces, polish them then add them together and see what happens. Then we’re going to enter six months of what I like to call (excuse my language) “Throw s#$# at other s@#! and see what happens.” This is to prevent developer burnout and also just to see what people come up with.

Now, the best part. You can be involved. We’re an open source game, if you think your good at Code/Art/Sound you can help us out with this huge task list and bring us forward. Perhaps you can have a huge mark on this project, you’ll look back knowing that you made a part of this huge community project. That’s our goal, create a game that’s built by the community and one that anyone can help out with for any amount of time. You can join on at any time, originally we did have some sort of pseudo-interview process but we don’t care about that any more. We’re just looking forward to you showing off what you can do, and we’re looking forward to making it awesome with you.

If you don’t feel you have the skill, don’t worry. Hang out on our irc and learn, contribute to discussions and you’ll learn more. We’re aiming to make this a HUGE community project one that hopefully will go down in history. You can find guidelines on how to get involved in the tasklist. Speaking of the tasklist! It can be found here:

More info on the future of Trillek and other things, including the release date of Pillar 1 will be discussed at our meeting. Look on the subreddit for the link when that goes live. (Goes live at about 23:00 UTC) We’ll reveal some more surprises there too.

So there you have it, no more running around like headless chickens. This is our common goal, this is what we’re aiming for. After that? We’re not quite sure, maybe you can help us figure it out.

Shane Dalton

Project Lead


  1. Mikeureko

    Woohoo! Sweet, guys! I’m excited for this. I’m just starting out with programming (learning Python, Java, and UnityScript), and I am kind of ok at making music, so I don’t feel worthy to help out just yet. But maybe soon! Good luck, guys. 😀

  2. Steve

    I wrote a base document devoted to the original title geared towards component building. The extensive version was the short version. There is much more to it. I had thought the team would have a bit more by now. When I stopped contributing, I started working on my own game.

    Pioneering a full 3D pachinko simulator. Yep. You probably don’t know what that is but I’ve managed to pull it off. Proof that many things are possible. Almost 2 years in the making now. I urge the team to continue, you guys can do it, I’ve done this simulator all by myself. It concerns a specific essence with this subject I understand this. To crunch a particular bug, remember a weeks time to relax and ponder could be the solution.
    Develop it, one thing at a time. Best of luck!


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