Putting the Fun in Funding Trillek

UPDATE: So this was a REALLY bad attempt at an april fools joke we’re not actually asking for funding of any kind don’t worry. 

Greetings all! It is on this prestigious day that I take to announce to you all our new source of funding! See, one day when I was ripping my hair out about the project I fell and hit my head on my table. That table had some amazing cookies placed on it and when I hit my head on the table/cookie placement device I had a sudden realisation..sex sells! Afterwards I was informed that prostitution is only legal in my home country of Australia, of course Americans have another ace up their sleeve! Cookies! I have been informed that America has taken to legalizing Cookies now so the sale of Cookies has risen by 900%, I got that statistic from the lawyer I hide in my basement! (Don’t you have a lawyer in your basement? They ward off rats very well.) So, I came to the decision I was going to have us sell Cookies fresh cut, full strength Cookies! I assure you that the funds will go directly to Trillek, not to me, not to the Cookie dealer and DEFINITELY not to the laywer in my basement!

You don’t believe me?

Well, perhaps this modelling shot that is absolutely super-duper fantagasmic will prove you wrong!




See? Now get your Cookie Injection Device, meet me behind the 7/11 and we’ll get some hot deals going, eh?


  1. Rich

    Please justify your need for funding.

    From what it seems, the game isn’t developed yet and you are basically outsourcing all the work to unpaid people enthusiastic about the project, holding a load of hype-filled ideas meetings but getting nothing significant done apart from the development of your equivalent of the DCPU-16—which from what I have seen is terrible and undermines the whole idea of the Notches vision to have it be a simple calculation machine rather than effective ‘free script—but not much else.

    People literally develop more in those two week gaming competitions than you have managed to achieve in little over a year. There is no visual evidence, there is no real evidence of anything at all on the subreddit but IDEAS – of which are mostly just suggestions by hopeful community members.

    Literally, you are talking about funding when you have achieved nothing and showed nothing in a year. How stupid do you think people are?

    In general, funding is directly proportional to the amount of effort put in and work achieved.

    1. dd

      this ass doesn’t get a fucking joke!


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