A tone unlike any other.

Excuse the previous post, this is actually serious and is a design thing. So, I decided that Trillek should have a major resounding theme thematic wise. But, BEFORE I say anything this isn’t a design pillar or a design rule this is just going to be a resounding tone that plays throughout the game’s features and potential story. I’ll just cut right to the chase..

The theme is Learning from your mistakes, and rubbing out and rewriting your mistakes. 

Yeah, pretty simple but complex at the same time see humans have a hard time with doing this, especially me. Its something not easily overcome, until we overcome it then we slap ourselves and wonder why we didn’t think of it before. Now this is going to be incorporated into hopefully every design feature within Trillek, especially Death we haven’t quite figured out Death as a feature yet but.. we have some interesting thoughts. For now though I’ll leave it here and I’ll let you guys see what this theme means and for you to explore it yourself and come to your own conclusions about this.


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