Operation: Time to get shit done

Ok, maybe bitching about something isn’t the best idea. It took a few people to shout at me over the internet to make realize since I’m the project lead, writing depressing posts isn’t the best way to take on an issue. However, it taught me one thing.. we have a strong community. A community that will shout at me when I do something stupid, that’s not a bad community. That’s a strong community. And a community that I love! So, how am I going to make this up to you?

Well, Operation: Time to get shit done is the answer! What is it you ask? It’s going to be the overhaul Trillek deserves, I’m making the decision to refresh EVERYTHING! Not code of course that’d be a terrible idea! I’m going to be re-organizing team leads and their purposes. After that, we’re going to establish a proper sign up form for the development team. After we have a development team re-formed, we’ll work on a proper development and vision plan. Then we will look at possible strategies to revive the forums from their long slumber.

So if there is anything to take from some of our amazing community who aren’t related to development, we’re getting everything in shape and getting ready to charge forward and make awesome!

Your fearless leader,

Shane Dalton


  1. logullo

    so what has been going on in the develop on the game in the past few months?
    and when are we going to see some screenshots from the progress since Milestone 2.5?

  2. achubbycow

    Hell yea, that’s what I wanna hear!


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