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For the first part of our rather.. uniquely named operation, “Operation: Getting Shit Done” we are starting off with organizing the Programming team! The best way to tackle this is through a rather in-depth form, I’m going to get this over with quickly since I’m quite tired but before you go to the form please read this FAQ! (The Form!)

(Oh, and for all you amazing artists out there your form is coming soon!)

Why does this sound like a job application?

Good question! We’ve established this is a potential issue, this truth is though we can’t say no to any of these applications really. Anyone can still contribute, the purpose of this form is to get a better estimate of Milestone dates as well as scope of the game. Also building a solid team is an important tool for the survival of any project.

Do the programming language choices matter?

Yes, C++ is a necessity since the major game is being written in it. The other languages are just good indicators of your skill level and your general understanding. Assembly and C are there since our CPU will be using those two languages. Javascript is also included as our UI engine is written in Javascript.

Why do I have to put in some type of contact detail?

Good question, and I know that people may be resistant to this. However, we really need this in order to keep in contact with you since IRC isn’t the most reliable from our own experiences.

Are there any applications that won’t be used?

This is a hard one, if you’re a programmer you’re in. However, applications such as “Game Designer”, “Writer” or “Producer” aren’t going to be considered a priority. You’re still free to contribute in our irc and forums however at the moment we’re still way too early in development to use these resources.


Awesome! That should be all of them! If you have any more put them in the Subreddit comments, (Note: We do not get notified on blog post comments and as such it’s very unlikely we will read them) or pop onto the IRC channel on the freenode server at #project-trillek. Also, if you have friends who are looking for a programming challenge or just want a nice project to help out on send them our way!

So, what’s next in this operation?

First off, the Artist form is next in the pipeline. Secondly, we’ll be looking at various solutions to quickly get development updates out and to you. Afterwards, we will take a look at the forums and devise solutions to get them kicking! And.. somewhere.. somehow there will be a long-awaited release.

Speaking of development…

Huge amounts of engine work is currently in progress with Adam working really hard to get the new engine up to the Milestone 2.5 standard. Check out our official repos at for more details on progress!

Seeya next time!

Shane Dalton – Project Lead


  1. Galen King

    Who the fuck are you and why did you explain absolutely nothing about your project? The tone of this ‘advertisement’ assumes we have any idea what your game/goal is, and that we even care…neither of which is the case. Less hubris next time, thanks.

    1. Xavion

      And why are you comment on the project trillek blog with no idea what project trillek is? Just saying, if people are reading this blog they should have at least some idea what it is.

      1. Galen King

        Because it was posted on the reddit GameDev board with literally zero explanation about what it is, with a link to this page also providing, you guessed it, zero explanation. Bad advertising.

        1. Adam Martin

          Then let me clarify. This is the fan (re) make of notch’s 0x10c space exploration game. Our leader is attempting to recruit more programmers, albeit prematurely IMHO, to help with development.

          I’ll try to do a little PR recovery with the missing info later on today.

        2. Jake Smith

          Damn, a simple “What kinda project is this?” would suffice.

          No need to be an asshole.

          G’day now!

  2. logullo

    Project Trillek makes me wanna learn how to code

    1. Jacob Peterson

      I know how to program in C++ (Been doin’ it for about 5 years now), but I’m still learning 3d!

  3. Nick

    Is a serious (i.e., several hours per week) commitment needed, or are you open to busy engineering students just checking out the code in the repository when we’re able and killing bugs/optimizing bottlenecks as we find them?

    1. Adam Martin

      The latter is fine. That’s what I have time for and I’m the lead programmer 😉


    541 Budhawar Peth, Kasardevi Dharmashala, Pune: 411002
    Email: [email protected], Mobile: +91-9665036399

    Passport No : N0501516


    CAREER OBJECTIVE: Secure challenging assignments in Multimedia Industry with a dynamic and leading organization that would help me cultivate and nurture my skills to the fullest with an opportunity to display my talent.


    1 Competent and dynamic Multimedia Professional with rich and comprehensive exposure.
    2 Qualified M.Sc.(IT) professional with expertise in various IT related jobs
    3 Focused and hardworking, self motivated with proven capability to meet high-pressure deadlines and coordinate multiple projects with different teams/professionals demonstrated in various freelance assignments handled single independently
    4 Possess extensive practical experience, gained while working on projects as part of professional involvement and freelance association.
    5 Systematic, organized, and dedicated team player with an analytical bent of mind determined to be a part of a growth-oriented organization.


    1 Multimedia Skills: PHP, CSS., DHTML, CGI Script, JSP, VB.Net, Adobe Gif Animation, Animation Paintshop, Video Editing, Visual Foxpro Lotus Approach, Lotus Freelance Graphics
    2 Programming Skills: MySQL, JavaScript, VB script, Visual Basic, C, C++, VC++, Oracle, Core Java, HTML, XML, Microsoft Access, , , DBASE, Pascal, ASP.Net
    3 Operating System: Windows 9x / Me / 2000 / XP and MAC


    1 Currently working as Freelance Software Developer handling various projects
    2 Worked as data entry operator from19 March to 6 September 2008 at Logic Enterprises


    Developing-Designing Mobile Radio, Calculator & Notepad
    Tools: Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, after effect, Corel Draw and Sound forge.
    Team Size: 01
    Duration: Aug 2006 till date
    1 Involved in Instructional design, story boarding, Flash animation, Graphics Designing, etc.


    M.Sc (IT), 2005

    Bachelors of Arts (BA)
    Pune University
    Trained in DTP, Visual Basic, C, C++, VC++, Oracle, Core Java, HTML, XML, Microsoft Access, PHP, CSS., DHTML, CGI Script, JSP, VB.Net, Adobe Gif Animation, , DBASE, Pascal, ASP.Net, Visual Foxpro,Webpage Design & Development, Hardware & Networking, MS Office, Animation Paintshop, Video Editing.

    English, Hindi and Marathi

    Date of Birth 23rd March 1974
    References Available Upon Request

    N.A. Dhekane


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