First, an apology.

I’ve been away for quite some time on my own game development project, Trillek has been an interesting experience.. and well as no doubt happened to many people part of the team. It was a rather draining project and depressing project, progress was halted too many times.

I, however, know that a game is never truly dead. As long as the idea remains in existence, as long as I still think of my mistakes, the fun times on IRC; it will always be alive. But, where’s the game? Breaking down the abstract idea of existence, the game itself doesn’t have a proper design, a proper engine and well.. gameplay. We have code, but the only really thing we have that is worth something is a computer.

I’ve made a tough decision here, and since this is a community project this is the first anyone is hearing about it. This is a reboot of trillek, this is a clearing of the table. I’m the only head; in fact it’s August. One year ago I went to the 0x10c subreddit with an idea, of a community project. Then what proceeded to happen was one of well the worst times of my life, I’ve always dreamed of being a game developer; I did not expect this last year to go the way it did. But, enough about me. This is our second take, this is my second take, of making something awesome, something together with you.

How is this going to go?

Glad you asked.

First off, the Engine. This will be a community choice, I would prefer not to have our own back-end, we live in a time where game development is very open to get into. Tools are now based around designer-input and fast iteration, which is quite brilliant to be honest.

I am going to do a poll which I will create after this blog post of engine choices. Here are the ones that comes to mind now:

Unreal Engine 4

Pros: Easy to learn. Very powerful. Cheap. Full source access. Supportive developer community. Fast iteration.

Cons: Costs money. No linux editor at the moment, though it is coming soon. Has high requirements.

Unity (Free)

Pros: Free. Everyone knows it. Fast iteration. Good asset store and community.

Cons: May not handle Trillek’s scope. Huge feature lock-off compared to pro. No linux editor.

In-House Engine

Pros: Gives us a deeper understanding of a codebase. More control.

Cons: Takes longer to make. Makes us very disadvantaged in terms of gameplay creation. May set up back too much.

You can vote for your engine choice here:

After this is complete, we will have a huge meeting in which anyone can attend. From here, we will figure basic design, schedule and organization methods.

This is our chance to make something great, we’ve learnt much from the past, I hope you will join us on the ride.

Come talk to us on IRC at #project-trillek on the freenode server.

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  1. veloci

    I may not be able to help in regards to development itself. What I am good at is managing a project, prioritizing work, organization, and helping ensure a product gets delivered. If you’d like someone like me to help out then please let me know.

    Otherwise, good luck on the reboot.


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