Surprise! A new trillek build!

So, a few days ago when I posted the notice of the engine chase, the reaction was mixed. I did predict this, and for the past few days I’ve been working on a milestone recreation in UE4. And well.. the first milestone is done! Woo!

What is this build?

Not much, this is a recreation of Milestone 1, it did turn out lighter than I expected however I wanted to release it today so some buggy unfinished things were cut. For now, enjoy walking around the first half of a spaceship!

What’s coming up?

At the moment Luis is about to begin work on the TR3200 VM in UE4, expect that in Milestone 2. Also, the second half of the spaceship which I made the last-minute decision to cut off due to it being too buggy for release will be included. There isn’t much else to say apart from that..

Oh, right I should link it:

You can find the project files here:

The mac and linux builds were delayed due to last-minute issues.

Note, you will need Visual C++ 2013 and your latest DirectX/Video Drivers.



  1. Owen


    Like you suggested, I had to install the 32-bit Visual C++ redistributable. Here’s a link if anyone else hasn’t installed VS yet:

    When I open the game, it looks like the entire ship interior is unlit. I can find a few faint glowy rectangles which, I assume, are windows to the skybox. I’m using a GeForce 680 GTX, with 340.52 (the latest) drivers. Is there a bug tracker I should be taking this to instead?

    1. retrograzer

      Did you try turning on the flashlight? It’s F on the keyboard, and yes, from what I can tell the entire ship is unlit so far…

        1. retrograzer

          No problem bro, it confused me the first time too


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