The Vision Document is incoming!

Just letting you know, I have been working hard on the long vision document, it has taken us a while to get to this point but I have finally found the perfect vision for Trillek. First off though, I need someone who is good at editing and presentation to help me out with making the Vision Document releasable to the public. Please message me on reddit if you feel you are up to the task.

I also need an artist to do a few concept pieces for the vision document as well. If all goes to plan and people respond within the next few days, you should be seeing the vision document soon, very soon.

For the moment, enjoy this teaser:

(work in progress)

Pillar #1 : You

Who are we making the game for here? You. Trillek is your story, your life and death, your opus; you’re the most important person in the universe of Trillek. You will start off as nothing, a weak blank slate with potential, and through the course of the game and through your experiences you will grow and you will learn secrets about yourself that are unfathomable, then again, it is up to you to decide if you want to learn. Learning won’t be easy, we will make it a hard, unforgiving experience, but you will be rewarded with great wisdom through your triumphs, and your failures. Customization doesn’t just go down to physical appearance, customization takes form in how you judge the universe. How you build your ship, how you explore, how you deal with difficult situations. It’s all up to you. But remember: You are you, but who are you?


  1. retrograzer


  2. lebonid

    the premise sounds metaphysical, but it sounds like it still feels to bourne legacy-ish. Will the story be about philosophical enlightenment, or recovering from amnesia? Please be more specific.

  3. lebonid

    otherwise I’m excited about Trillek I hope it will be good, and would be happy to help. I’m not knowledgeable of much code, but I guess I could write in game lore or something if I put my head to it.


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