A change in leadership.

Back in August 2013, I started this project, I started this project to make something awesome.

Something that was going to live up to the original premise, and well, it has been a long road. And that has never faded, I still want to make awesome. So, it is this I have come to the decision, that as of today, I will no longer be Project Lead of Trillek. I’ll get to what I’ll be doing soon, but for now allow me to introduce our new Project Lead.

I want everyone to give a new welcome to DarkSpartan! Now, I may have thought he was dead for a period, but I know that he is the right choice for this position; and he will usher us into a new era of awesome.

Here is a short statement from him directly, ignore the short notice:

It is my intention to work out who the necessary core people are both in terms of players and staff, and make sure they all get what they need.

We need to make the best game we can. With perseverance, pride, and cooperation, it will be done.

DarkSpartan – Project Lead

As for me, I am becoming the Design Director. I will be in charge of the Design, and, that’s it really. I will no longer be involved in the leadership side. My first task will be finalizing the Vision Document, which will define our basic scope and our official vision for Trillek. I will also be the iron gate for all ideas and concepts.

Finally, I am looking forward to this new position, and I am very much looking forward to what DarkSpartan brings to the table. I thank you all for your time.

Shane Dalton – Design Director

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  1. retrograzer

    Congrats DarkSpartan! Hope you can live up to Shane Dalton and even(cough cough) release more concept art and awesome stuff!
    “Don’t screw up”


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