Trillek 0x7DF

Well, the new year is almost upon us, and 2015 (0x7DF) is a good year to get very active and involved in Trillek.

With that said Adam is planning on taking an active leadership role of both the project overall and of the programming side. For starters, by January 1st (GMT+0) he will work with the core team to create a list of features that will be in the first full release and plot a timeline for getting that release out there.

On the art front, working with our art leads, he will create a spreadsheet with current and future needed assets to allow anyone coming in to know what needs to be done (meshes, textures, rigging, etc) on what assets.

For music we are looking quite solid and we will work to get some form of media player in the engine so everyone can experience all the greats tracks.

As a suggestion, we should officially name the game 0x7DF, to pay homage to our roots and to give us something we can maybe register or protect.defeated


  1. retrograzer

    Sweet bro, can’t wait to hear more!

    1. Ranter

      If you’re going to be geeky, why not get it “right” and use 0xDF07, the way it’d appear in a memory dump. (I’d even settle for 0x07DF to at least acknowledge that we’re interested in byte pairs, not nibbles)

      Geekwars are Go!


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