Here it is, the first tech demo editor

There was a soft release a few days ago, but some bugs were still present, however now that those seem squashed here is the tech demo editor release. This is more just an editor demo from which all future assets will be added to trillek.

New entities and components can be added and they are saved on a clean exit only. Removal should work as expect, but I believe there is still a bug in there somewhere. After exit all changes are stored in assets/test.proto (each entity will be in its own file later on) and these proto files can be exchanged with anyone on any OS. The next step will be to support drag and drop loading of proto files.

If you attempt to add a CollisionBody you will need to exit and restart for the properties to show up as the tree isn’t refreshed after something is added, yet.

To add a new mesh to use for a renderable simply drag and drop it from the assets subfolder onto the game window. Meshes must be in obj or md5mesh format (there is an error somewhere that needs tracking down on this be warned).

If you do not have OpenAL installed you must install it via Creative Lab ( for windows. Also on Linux you will need to install glew.

Tech Demo 00 – Editor Windows

Tech Demo 00 – Editor Linux (Ubuntu x64 14.xx and 15.04)

(OSX package to be coming in the next few days)


  1. Sim

    What happened to the idea of using Unreal? I feel this project has lost a lot of steam by spending so much time re-inventing the wheel.

    1. adam4813

      Unreal was unsuited for the job as the UDK didn’t work at all on linux at the time (it is still not that great) and was a no go period on OS X. Have faith in the current method and you shall be rewarded.


  2. The Ubuntu build just crashes instantly for me, here’s a log:

    $ ./TEC
    GL version string: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 352.21
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    It shows a window for a split second, but it closes too fast to see it.
    I checked my glew version, it’s up to date.


      1. libopenal-dev is already the newest version.
        libopenal1 is already the newest version.


      2. Nydelige Exito…….nydelig:)Du imonerer til stadighet…jeg har bÃ¥de melkespann og sinkbalje:) Det som alltid en inspirasjon Ã¥ komme hit:)Nyt helga der sør…jeg venter pÃ¥ stormen, klem til deg:)


    1. Fornax, could do you indicate what Ubuntu version do you have ? 32 or 64 bit, version, etc…

      Also, If you have valgrind installed (sudo apt-get install valgrind), try to run with it, to see if could give us a clue where is falling.


      1. I’m using Xubuntu 64 bit, upgraded to 15.04 two days ago.

        Valgrind produces a lot more output, here’s a log file:

        Are there any other params I need to pass to help debugging?

        1. adam4813

          Well the issue is that we forgot to package up the game assets. I’ll get an updated package up later, for now you can download the windows package and just move the assets folder over to be in the same folder as the Linux executable.

        2. adam4813

          Ok a new ubuntu package has been uploaded with the assets folder.

    1. adam4813

      It should be available this weekend. It built and ran after a minor fix, DeVaukz is going to through together a package.

  3. Alex

    What about using Unity? Works on (almost) anything, free to use and allows for easy customization and development of editor tools to make it even easier to create the game.


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