Status Update

I will keep this brief.

During the last year a lot of code has happened, but a lot more could have happened. Multiplayer was added, but the engine is sadly still not much more than a tech demo.

adam4813 lost a lot of time that could be spent on Project Trillek due to a family issue. The others have generally wandered off to other facets of life. milesrout seems to have come back into the fold for moral support in the past month however!

This project isn’t dead, but it certainly isn’t moving at the pace most of you want or expect, and for that I am deeply sorry. If you are willing to stick around for the next few months there should be something coming out, but I can’t promise when.

TL:DR The project is alive, but progress has slowed to a crawl as the development team is down to next to nothing. Stick around, if you want, and something will come out sooner than later.

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