Up and running again

After a few months of hectic life moments Adam is back up and running doing coding and other administrative tasks.

One of those tasks has been in the area of public relations and social media. To that end we now have a YouTube and a Google+ page. The Google+ page will just be a stream for content that doesn’t need a blog post such as new assets, videos, screenshots, etc. Blog posts will be included in that stream using a WordPress plugin that will also post to Twitter as well.

Another tasks that is more related to the game itself is the code. Adam has been working to organize, restructure, and clean up the code. Also on the plate is getting a “How to help” guide up and kept current. Expect some more frequent releases including a more polished multiplayer experience that will allow moving around and persisting of user data on the server which will involve basic logins.

Work has begun on the forum and wiki to revitalize them as well. The wiki will be the primary resource to look up information about the code (including scripting API), game features, and how to contribute. The forum will be the primary mechanism for discussion about features, art, music, and code. This will allow back and forth talk about different things in an organized manner.

The Reddit will remain like it is, a tool for everyone to post things to. Such as someone wanting a feature or having some idea. They can post it there and then a discussion about its implementation can be done on the forum. The Reddit is by far the biggest presence we have in the community and general the place people look first for new and upcoming items. This will still be the norm as blog posts will be linked to Reddit as well.


Google+ and Twitter will be if someone wants a more distilled stream coming from the developers only

Reddit will still be the landing page for most people for day-to-day information

Forum will be for discussing art, music, code, and features as the are made and implemented

YouTube will be for media releases hopefully on a regular schedule

Blog will be for major items of news that need more than a sentence or two

Wiki will be for information of code/API, features, and how to contribute

Website will be a hub that people can use to access all the social media

GitHub is the primary code and art asset repository – tec is the primary code base right now


A post detailing those who have contributed significantly in the past and present will be coming up soon so everyone can get to know the developers a little better.

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