Development progress and renders

Hello, here we are again!
In the last month the development has really picked up, so we present the current status of the project. Thanks again for being patient and sticking with us through the whole thing.

Code and engine department:
We have now settled on our own engine, the TEC engine. TEC is moving towards being more robust and we were able to eradicate a lot of bugs. We have also streamlined the build process and the continuous-integration/testing procedures are working again! After the upcoming release we will have a blog post about the engine and how to start contributing.

On the art front we bring you THE HUB:
The upcoming release will include an explorable social hub that includes several rooms and a large common area. The virtual computer will be present on several screen and some form of interacting with it will be present. The hub is constructed from panels that are similar to, if not the same as, those that will be used to construct ships and stations.

In addition to those things, we had some changes in personnel, a few new faces and a few old devs, who returned. We plan to release a post introducing the new development team in detail next month.
Finally we want to announce a release, Trillek 0.10, scheduled for June 1st. It will be the first release that is not intended as a tech demo but a release to build the game on. All following releases will be based on this release.


  1. AeonicButterfly

    A little late to the party, but I wanted to welcome Trillek to the world! Past the tech demo stages, and into game development!

    Congrats on you all!

  2. Tassidall

    Hey, I’ve been keeping an eye on this since 0x10c was cancelled. I see there haven’t been any posts for about 2 months. Is there any more news? is it still going?

  3. Mark

    Awesome! I saw some people making fun of this project on the logs. I want you guys to know I love Project Trillek and am rooting for you guys!

  4. Mark

    Awesome! I saw some people making fun of this project on the logs. I love this game and it is so cool!

    1. Mark

      I don’t think it is cool to make fun of this game and I just wanted to let you guys know.

  5. Segger


      1. Godoy

        i’ve forgotten about this game and i came here to see if it was still alive, i had many hopes to see some progress, it’s sad that this game never had any progress


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