Status Updates

First, an apology. I’ve been away for quite some time on my own game development project, Trillek has been an interesting experience.. and well as no doubt happened to many […]

Status update 8

It’s time for another seemingly randomly timed status update. There is a pattern, it’s just so complex nobody else can see it yet. The biggest announcement is that we’re planning […]

It should have been posted here first really, better late than never. This is the SU7 from a couple of weeks ago, hopefully SU8 will follow very soon and will […]

Unless otherwise amended, the engine choice is a custom engine using the Sigma framework as a backend. By using a custom engine we can tailor make game specific systems that […]

Status update 6, thanks to Adam. Follow the link to read the full post. Well I guess it’s my turn to post one! We had a nice meeting this past […]

Read it in full on the Google group. The biggest and most obvious news is that milestone 1 was released last week. You’ve probably already seen a picture or video […]

The full update can be found within the Google group. First off, ¬†Adam one of our lead developers has been working hard on milestone 1 soon to release, he’s been […]

The full post can be found on the Google group. I apologise for the slight delay. There’s been some great developments in the models and textures for milestone 1, you […]