First off, your choices were all very interesting to me. I didn’t expect it to go this way, although if you’ve ever talked to me about game engines this will […]

Hey guys! Just a quick status update on how things are going! Operation:Getting s#%# done This operation is going well, the response from the programmer’s side seems to be getting […]

So, Shane has generate some hype for programmers but he sort of caught us with our pants down so to speak.   There are a few major tasks that need […]

For the first part of our rather.. uniquely named operation, “Operation: Getting Shit Done” we are starting off with organizing the Programming team! The best way to tackle this is […]

Excuse the previous post, this is actually serious and is a design thing. So, I decided that Trillek should have a major resounding theme thematic wise. But, BEFORE I say […]

The Future Of Trillek

Greetings all! Sorry for the late announcement! But mistakes aside, I’d like to talk to you about the future of Trillek and it’s direction. So, first off what have we […]