The full update can be found within the Google group. First off, ¬†Adam one of our lead developers has been working hard on milestone 1 soon to release, he’s been […]

The full post can be found on the Google group. I apologise for the slight delay. There’s been some great developments in the models and textures for milestone 1, you […]

It’s Monday again, already, so here’s the second status update. The first one was mentioned in the previous post. And here’s a quick excerpt. We’ve completely migrated from our plethora […]

I’ve just published the first of our weekly status updates. They will now be occurring every Monday with the weeks progress in a short summery. This should help to keep […]

Hello! I’m Wolfy87, I’m helping Trillek with the web side of things and I’ve just got this up and running. If you notice anything that’s gone a bit awry please […]